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First Kick into Footy with Fundamentals

Wednesday, December 7, 2016 - 1:36 PM by Tayla Tenaglia

This past Saturday was the final week of the term 4 Footy Fundamentals Program at GO Edwards Park in Burswood. It was a great morning to wind up the seven week program and fantastic to see the vast improvement of skills the kids have obtained from the program.

The Footy Fundamentals program is structured for kids aged 2-5 years to develop their fundamental movement skills and promote involvement in physical activity in an AFL environment. These skills are achieved through a series of fun, team based activities and active parent engagement. Some of the activities run throughout the weeks are movement based obstacle courses, throwing and catching games, dodgeball, parachute team games and kicking. The eldest group, the Little Royals, even had the chance to verse their parents in an Auskick style football game to finish off the year. At the end of each term, the children progress and improve their football skills and receive a certificate of participation.

This is the first year the Footy Fundamentals program has run in the Perth District and the families that have attended have enjoyed the opportunity to engage in a football program prior to Auskick.

This program will continue to run next year, with Term 1 beginning February 2017, and for information regarding registration visit or contact Community Development Officer Tayla at for more information.